I got to help out Saiman Chow on this concert visual for Gotye's 2012 tour. "Dig Your Own Hole" was a b-side from the album Making Mirrors. I composited and sequenced Saiman's artwork and animation, adding depth, atmosphere and finish. After several weeks of late nights, it was super rewarding to see it used at a show 5 blocks from my home: localbozo.com/2012/09/gotye-at-williamsburg-park-a-localbozo-com-concert-review/

Also great working for a musician like Gotye who has a fond appreciation for animation.


Made at Blacklist

Music produced by Wally De Backer
Music mix by Franc Tetaz, assisted by Andy Stewart at The Mill Australia
Lyrics on Gotye's YouTube channel: youtube.com/watch?v=ZZdq7mDpJSk