I had the pleasure of working with traditional cell animators for the project. I brought in their layers of animation and composited them to add depth, atmosphere and overall polish. This project won a gold award at the 2013 Game Marketing Awards, a Vimeo staff pick, and was featured on Motionographer.

Made at Psyop NY

Director: Jon Saunders
Lead Technical Director: Borja Pena
Executive Producer: Lucia Grillo
Producer: Ryan Mack
Assistant Producer: Delaney O'Brien

Jon Saunders
Sam Ballardini

Storyboard Artist:
Robin Nishio

Illustration / Animation:
Jon Saunders
Borja Pena
Sam Ballardini
Marika Cowen
Blake Patrick
Angelica Alzona
Lizzie Akana
Stephanie Davidson
Stephanie Russell

Borja Pena
Hélène Park
Jason Conradt
Danny Kamhaji

3D Modeling:
Sue Jang
Dave Chen
Oliver Castle
Bryan Eck

Zed Bennit

3D Animators:
Ryan Moran
David Barosin
Michael Shin